Tips To Clean Up Your Health In 2020

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The New Year brings opportunities to establish new habits and hobbies that can improve your lifestyle and health for the better. The habits you create this year can have far-reaching effects into the future, and can greatly affect how you feel as you age. Whether that means cutting out sugar, exercising more or drinking more water, there’s something that you can do to protect your health this year. Find out how you can clean up your health during 2020 with these New Year’s resolutions!


Tips To Achieve Great Physical Health

One of the first things that people think about when creating their New Year’s resolutions list is their physical health. Whether it be exercising more, drinking water, cutting out sugar or a combination of all of these, people focus a lot of their time and energy into getting fit again. After a few weeks of working out and eating better, though, most people fall short of their goals or give them up entirely. This typically happens to people who stop eating as much and exercise more, but don’t look at their diet and exercise regimens in detail to figure out where they’re lacking. When updating your diet for 2020, focus on whole foods. Whole foods include vegetables, fruits, seeds, whole grains, fish and nuts, which all help reduce heart disease and diabetes while balancing blood sugar levels and body weight. As part of your diet, you should always include cutting out excess sugar, as well, to avoid obesity, cavities, fatty liver and insulin resistance. However, cutting sugar cold turkey often leads to relapse, so try to gradually minimize your intake day-by-day so that your body can adjust to these new changes. For physical activity, buying a new gym membership or joining a fitness class are both good ideas, but most people end up quitting due to lack of commitment. To combat this, find an activity that you like to do and see if it fits into your schedule. If you like moving, take a half-hour walk before or after work, or swim a few laps at a gym on your way home. By setting an attainable goal with sustainable physical activities that you enjoy, you’ll be more successful in your journey towards becoming physically fit.


Mental Health: Why Should It Be A Resolution?A woman laying in a bubble bath and relaxing with candles nearby.

While physical fitness goals are typically at the top of most New Year’s resolution lists, you should never forget about your mental health. Life is hard, work is hard and difficult times will be randomly thrown your way. Setting goals to take care of your mental health will be vitally important if you wish to overcome the daily battles that often rage in our minds and hearts. Mental health includes our emotional, social and psychological well-being, which each affects how we think and feel about ourselves and those around us. Your mental health can change over time as your schedule becomes busier or you begin to care for an aging relative, but no matter what changes occur in your life, maintaining good mental health should be a top priority. When we’re experiencing poor mental health, how we think, feel and act changes. How we react to stress, handle our relationships and even what health choices we make are all impacted when our mental health is low. Taking more “me time” and practicing self-care are some great ways to prevent these lows. Self-care can be as simple as taking a long bath, going for a walk in nature or sleeping in an extra hour. Practicing medication and even limiting your screen time can help you step back from the cares of the world and focus in on yourself and your needs. Being more present in your life and your family’s activities will also help you feel more grounded and become more mindful of others, which can decrease your negative self-talk and increase psychological well-being. Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so take the time to figure out what aspects of your mental health you want to focus on this year to help you be the best person you can be.


How Integrative Medicine Can Help You This Year

Goals and resolutions are both great first steps in living well, but sometimes you’ll need extra help to complete your journey. Healthy aging and living are not easy things to accomplish, but integrative medicine can help you on your way to finding total balance in your life. Integrative medicine focuses on helping your body correct its own imbalances to heal on its own. By combining natural and scientific methods, integrative medicine is able to heal your body down to its cellular level. By encouraging good nutrition, quality sleep, vitamin and mineral use, supplementation, and body/mind therapies, integrative medicine will help you reclaim your health again. This approach is completely patient-driven and often requires proactive lifestyle and nutritional changes to obtain the health that you need to succeed. There is no magic pill with integrative medicine, but you will be able to take control of your own health by receiving the education you need to make better informed decisions that relate to your health and life. By combining physical and mental health resolutions with integrative medicine treatments, you will be amazed at the person that you will become in 2020.


Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions With Our Help!

At Balanced Well-Being Healthcare, we care about your physical and mental well-being and want to help you meet your New Year’s resolutions in 2020. Whether you’re interested in an integrative medicine visit or need help establishing better self-care routines, we can help! Call our office at (970) 631-8286 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alessi and start your journey towards a healthier you!