in Fort Collins, Colorado


Terese Shanley:

Terese Shanley has been in the health and wellness field for the
last 30 years. She has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, a trained Yoga and
Meditation instructor for the last 12 years.

Holding 6 certificates in energy medicine including Reiki master and attunement
healing, Terese has a never-ending passion for her healing practice that offers deep
transformation on many levels. In her healing sessions, she combines numerous tools
for her clients including energy work, essential oils, intuitive readings, guided
meditation and spiritual life-coaching..

Terese was commissioned as a Stephen’s Minister by Foundations church on May
30th, 2017. She longs to give back the love that she receives from Christ, and this
ministry is where her gifts of encouragement shine best. The ministry she is so
passionate about is rooted in the Christian hallmarks of compassion and love — we as
the caregivers and Christ as the cure-giver.

Terese is a certified Life Coach through Yoga2life and loves to work with clients who
have a longing to move inward for their answers. She is skilled at building client
awareness and helping clients move through obstacles — all mental, spiritual and
physical areas. She will compassionately guide you toward inner healing by helping
you get in touch with your innate power that comes from aligning with the power of
God and love.

Having an endless appetite for education and tools to heal, Terese is a certified
essential oils practitioner. She offers her own blend of skills comprised from all of her
different energy work trainings and essential oil therapy training as her own unique
powerful healing modality.

Terese’s biggest gifts and joy are serving her clients through hands-on healing work
and guiding clients to their own alignment with the healing of love and truth that is
already within. Energy work, meditation, breath-work and intuitive guidance through
any blocks are the pathways in which the healing work occurs.

A long time lover of connecting with God’s messengers, the angels, Terese was
certified as an angel intuitive through Doreen Virtue in a hands-on training in the fall of
2016. One of her greatest loves is working with the essential oils and the angels to
bring a customized healing to each client. Her 30 years of medical knowledge and
experience gives her clients a very comprehensive treatment with added confidence.

You can find her teaching and coaching in workshops on meditation and yoga all
around the Fort Collins and Loveland area. Her biggest joy is coaching one-on-one to
assist clients through transformation by connecting with the power of love, truth and
the Holy Spirit.

Her caring and nurturing energy comes through working with her clients as she is also
a mother of four beautiful daughters and a wife of a husband for 24 years and

In her spare time, Terese enjoys traveling, meditating, teaching meditation, yoga,
paddle board yoga, hot yoga hiking, snowboarding, biking and cooking for her family
and friends.

Theresa Rudel, Owner, Foco Da Vinci Body Studio

I have been in fitness my whole life. From growing up doing gymnastics and dance, to
group sports, running, cycling, bodybuilding, and triathlons – movement is in my family.
I have enjoyed climbing 38 of the 14’ers in Colorado over the last 15 years with my

I started teaching group fitness and then went into personal training, which I have been
doing for the last 20 years. I enjoy sharing my love for healthy lifestyles and physical
well-being with people, and bringing the athlete out in everyone.

I believe that with a positive attitude and an uplifting energy toward life, good things will
come your way. This came true for me when I found Da Vinci BodyBoard. As soon as I
stepped onto the BodyBoard I could not get enough of it. I knew it would be a perfect
fit for Fort Collins.

Trish OʼNeill, Owner, The Cooking Studio:

Cooking classes for home cooks of all
kinds, including kids. All our classes are 100% hands-on, so everybody cooks. We
have many talented, professional Chef Instructors and we make everything from scratch
with fresh, local and non-processed foods.
Find out more at: www.the-cooking-studio.com

Ashleigh McNeil and Aaron Olson, Owners, Three Bells Dairy:

Three Bells Dairy
is a small-scale Jersey cow raw milk dairy located in North Fort Collins. Locally owned
and operated, Three Bells focuses on simple, nature production practices, stiving to
produce the highest of quality unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk. Focusing on
Jersey cowns, the farm resides on 35 acres of native pasture along the foothills of the
Front Range. Our registered A2A2 cows are grass-fed, grazing on pasture throughout
the year, while routinely supplemented with alfalfa hay during the winter months.
*Contact Information*:
Three Bells Dairy
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 829-1899
Three Bells Dairy Website

Sharla Aronson, Owner, Aronson Family Dental:

Aronson Family Dental is a health and wellness focused general dental practice in Fort Collins. We treat conservatively, which means we focus on preventative treatment, education, and catching problems early before they are painful and treatment is unpredictable. Our goal is to provide The safest and least toxic treatment and help patients keep their teeth for their entire lives. We work with our patients to create an individualized plan based on their priorities, goals and conditions. Dr. Sharla Aronson is a native of Fort Collins and completed her dental education at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. After graduating from dental school, Sharla completed a general practice residency at the Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto, California, where she gained advanced training in endodontics, oral surgery, implants, peridontics, and hospital based dentistry. She is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine (IAOMT) and the Internation Academy of Biologic Dentistry and Medicine (IABMD) and continues her training in integrative dentistry and medicine.

Meraki Yoga:
It is our mission to provide Meraki students with a boutique yoga experience, cultivating spiritual, physical and mental well-being in a comfortable, calm environment. Our teachers strive to provide individualized attention through small, accessible and open classes in a serene setting, fostering fun, strength and optimism without pretense. We believe time is the greatest luxury, and choosing how and who you spend it with is essential.Our studio focuses exclusively on yoga practices, choosing quality over quantity for class sizes and teaching methods. We are honored to have a core of dedicated students and teachers who choose to share their gifts and talents with a supportive, local community.

Follow this http://merakiyogastudio.com/schedule link to view our live schedule.

Barb Gibson

Barbara Gibson, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and E-RYT 500 certified yoga teacher, has taught yoga since 1999 and has been a yoga practitioner since 1990. She became a Certified Yoga Therapist through the American Viniyoga Institute in 2013, and was certified as a C-IAYT through the International Association of Yoga Therapists in 2016. In her yoga therapy practice, Barbara mainly focuses her work on helping clients with chronic illness and pain. In particular, she helps people mitigate symptoms of chronic illness and pain such as:

  • Unexplained pain
  • Global physical pain such as from fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Decreased mental alertness and energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Digestive dysfunction
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Chronic Stress
  • She also works with clients with more specific-targeted pain such as:
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • S/I misalignment and pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Pain and discomfort due to structural misalignment

Barbara utilizes her extensive training and study in yoga and yoga therapy as well as her own experiences with chronic illness and pain to better serve her clients. In 1999, she was involved in a car accident sustaining injuries including a traumatic brain injury, extensive neck and shoulder injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and in 2014, she was diagnosed with endocrine dysfunction and adrenal insufficiency. After her accident, Barbara was inspired to pursue yoga therapy and individualized yoga to help her with her recovery, and after her diagnoses, she used her yoga practice in conjunction with working with Dr. Grace Alessi and her team to help her cope with and manage her symptoms of chronic illness. She learned the power of creating stability even in uncertain circumstances and how to shift the practices to address the shifts of symptoms with chronic illness. Drawing from her experience, she provides clients skills and techniques to create
supportive spaces of wellness, joy, and meaning living with the uncertainty and symptoms of chronic illness and pain as their health improves working with their wellness team. Barbara is honored to be a partner with the Balanced Well-Being Healthcare team and is excited to continue helping empower patients to become more active participants in their healthcare and well-being. The shift in healthcare encourages the need for more partnerships between healthcare providers to better serve our patients and clients leading to healthier individuals and communities.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about Barbara or her work:


Amanda Haygood, LPC

Individual, Family and Couples Therapist in Fort Collins

As a licensed professional counselor, I work with my clients to create awareness, strengthen healthy patterns, and help them to find balance in life. Just as our physical and mental health are intricately tied together, I believe our relationships, communities, occupations, and life experiences shape who we are and provide the content for our personal stories. Whether you present for counseling as an individual, couple or family, as your therapist my job is to help you better navigate life’s challenges, no matter the source.

I specialize in:

  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy with Children and Teens
  • Healthy Sexual Development
  • Life Transitions
  • Individual Therapy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma

My practice is located in Old Town Fort Collins. Please contact me for a free initial 30-minute phone consultation so that we can begin getting to know each other and assess whether we would be a good fit for working together.

(720) 563-9315



Yoga Pod
Meet our Owners, Maj-Lis & Joey!

Maj-Lis (pronounced ‘my-lease’) and Joey’s personal mission is to share their happiness and joy with others through yoga. They are enthusiastic students of life who hope to inspire and support everyone they come in contact with.

Maj-Lis has been practicing yoga on and off for almost 20 years. She was a dance major at the University of Northern Colorado where she cultivated her love of the mind body connection. Yoga became a way of life after the birth of their daughter took a physical and mental toll on her body. The open arms of the practice nursed her back to health, and beyond. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training in May of 2016

Joey is an energetic and motivated person who has a long career history in customer focused organizations. Joey has a diverse business background including sales and sales processes. Joey believes that the customer experience is the most important part of any company. He loves finding adventure in the everyday and is always looking for the next best fishing spot.

The accomplishment Joey and Maj-Lis are most proud of is their two children. Liam who is 9 and Lily who is 6. Liam loves sports of all kinds and is currently first base on his baseball team. Lily loves animals and music.

Joey and Maj-Lis are truly living their dream in Northern Colorado by combining their passion for yoga with their love of business all through Yoga Pod.




Jen Strating
Jen is passionate about helping others create resilience, ease and joy in their life. Using the technology of biofeedback, Jen empowers her clients, teaching them self-regulation, relaxation and mindfulness strategies.

Her focus is on helping others overcome stress, anxiety, panic, chronic pain, insomnia and others stress related issues. Jen also incorporates her expertise in mindfulness, yoga, aromatherapy and positive psychology to help individuals live a more balance, health and happy life.

Jen has a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina and is Board Certified in Biofeedback. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher.






Go Glamping for the weekend !!!

We are a Fort Collins based company who loves the outdoors.

After discovering the joys of the travel trailer we wanted to share it with families who love the outdoors.  Camping can be tough, but Glamping gets you all the benefits of outdoor living without sacrificing the comforts of home.

We have 4 trailers for rent that will suit most activities from boon docking on an off roading adventure in the back woods to a weekend in a national park or RV park.

Visit our website at www.NoCoRVRentals.com
Tel. 970.672.2727

Ordinary Couple Travels

Meet the owner and founder – Sandy McMillen

I love to travel, meet new people and experience new adventures. I also love to write and research. I combined all these loves by planning many wonderful adventures for myself and my family and then by writing and publishing a book to chronicle many of the fun times we had – Extraordinary Travels of An Ordinary Couple. After publishing my book and completing a circuit of book signings, I had so many people ask me, “How can I plan travel adventures like yours?” that I knew immediately I must become a Certified Travel Planner and open my own travel agency with the goal of helping my clients achieve their travel dreams. Ordinary Couple Travels was born in 2014. I named the agency after my book, but I also wanted to help people realize that it doesn’t matter what your vocation, income or personal situation might be – any form of travel can be extraordinary. Extraordinary travel comes from the ordinary heart that is open and willing to learn about and experience the world around them.

I believe in the healing power of travel and time spent away from our daily responsibilities and cares. It makes us better, it heals the soul and it encourages us as we broaden our sense of who we are and what our role is on this earth. It is my personal goal to help each client achieve their vacation dreams and maximize the investment they’re making in themselves and their families. Customer service is extremely important to me and I follow up, follow through, and take great care to ensure a quality and seamless experience for every customer.

My personal passion is Europe, but I love Hawaii, the Caribbean, Central America, the United States and, well, just anywhere! I take the stress from my clients by creating customized travel itineraries for them, crafting a seamless end to end travel experience. No matter your destination, I will help you get there. I go above and beyond to help my clients achieve their dreams.

I am a Fort Collins native with a master’s degree in Adult Education. I am a Certified Travel Planner and licensed business owner in Windsor, Colorado.

Phone: 970-218-8700
Website: Ordinary Couple Travels

Shana Rank, CWHC

Certified Wellness and Health Coach

In my Health Coaching practice, I know you want to break away from a cycle of not feeling your best. In order to do that you need a customized recovery roadmap, a map that will support your diet, but also elevate your lifestyle habits in a personalized way.

I am an empathetic problem solver. This means that I really try to understand and relate to, your conflict or issue. I believe profound, lasting change is possible.

Certified Wellness and Health Coach, Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc.
Bachelor of Science, Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wife and Mom to 4 boys, oh wait, there is no university for that one!

Working with me, you can expect:

  • Asking powerful questions // Uncovering your passion and motives for the “why”
  • Detective work into diet and lifestyle // Rewiring your personal landscape of healthy living
  • Goal setting // Creating a roadmap designed just for you
  • Accountability // Lasting change

Sound good?
Let’s talk
Sign up for a 30-minute Discovery Call on my website or email me

Website: www.shanarank.com

Email: shana@shanarank.com