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Online Health & Nutritional Screenings


Your Lab, Your City, & Our Certified Nutritionists at a Guaranteed Affordable Price.

This package is designed for those looking to get some insight on what they can do to maintain optimal health! This is our most popular package because most “unwellness” begins silently without symptoms. It begins with unhealthy eating, high stress, weight gain, poor sleep, medication overload, and much more. These stressors, PLUS the daily load of environmental toxins that we are challenged with create inflammation, cholesterol imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. This is the beginning of chronic disease development.

At Balanced Well-Being Healthcare we understand that there may be biomarkers for disease before disease and symptoms set in.  This is why we are reaching out both locally and nationally to offer aggressive health screenings that can be done remotely.  Most people who think they are healthy will have early biomarkers of “unwellness”. These markers are indicative of dysfunction and imbalance in biological areas such as the gut, heart, immune system and hormones.  Thru aggressive screenings we can catch these imbalances early on and restore the body to optimal health before disease sets in.

If you choose to continue with us after your screening down the path of functional medicine, our treatment approach will likely include nutritional support, dietary changes, lifestyle management, sleep management, herbal cleanses, and natural bio identical hormones to restore and promote optimal health.  When needed we may also apply appropriate use of pharmaceutical drugs.

The Online Health Screen is NOT a functional medical visit. This visit is specifically designed to meet the demand of anyone seeking disease prevention. This visit will NOT incorporate acute care complaints, but rather is focused on long-term disease prevention. Additional visits may be recommended depending on results but are not included in the package cost.

Why Our Health Screens Matter:

The warning signs of “unwellness”can be silent.

Over the last 5 years we have screened hundreds of patients and found evidence of problems:

1. 80% of people screened were Vitamin D deficient or had suboptimal levels.

2. 50% were  Vitamin B12 deficient.

3. 10% had immunological markers of autoimmune disease — thyroid and food related.

4. 75% had moderate or severe cardiovascular risk –that is risk for heart attack and stroke.

The scary thing is that most of these patients had no symptoms.

We offer step by step solutions to heal these conditions and achieve optimal health. Find out today if you have any of these biomarkers of illness by signing up for the Online Health Screening today!



Comprehensive Health Screening


CBC, Chemistry, Liver Function Tests, Advanced Cardiovascular Profile, Diabetes Screening, Full Thyroid panel, Autoimmune, Inflammatory markers, & Vitamin Testing

CHS With Premium Add Ons

Apo E Gene Type $115
MTHFR $110
Omega Fatty Acids $36
Celiac Screening $36

This includes the option to add one or all of the following to you Health screening package

MTHFR, Apo E, Celiac screen, Omega 3 fatty acids

You may add on any or all of the above markers, priced individually.

Extended Thyroid Panel


TSH, Ft3, Ft4, rT3

Antithyroglobulin Antioby

Antithyroid peroxidase Antibody (TPO)

This package includes a full thyroid panel and 60 minute skype or in person visit with out Nurse practitioner or Doctor.

Follow Up Thyroid Panel


TSH, Ft3, Ft4

This package is best suited for those who have already begun a treatment program for healing the thyroid gland and is designed to retest and assess progress from that treatment plan. This includes a 30 minute consultation with our Master Nutritionist.