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Functional Medicine Visits

Functional Medicine Package:

A functional medicine visit involves a comprehensive evaluation of antecedents, triggers and mediators of disease.

It is the most comprehensive method to evaluate your overall health.

Our goal is to help you identify the things that may have triggered your symptoms and current state of health or unwellness.

We ask that you be prepared to examine your personal lifestyle habits in depth. Any goal that is outlined will be accomplished alongside changes in diet, nutrition, sleep patterns, hormonal support, stress management, and other techniques. The use of pharmaceuticals is discouraged but always considered and used if appropriate.

Functional medicine takes into account our individual and unique genomic makeup and understands that all outside influences in our environment may play a role in disease development. The notion that we are the pure expression of our gene pool is both narrow and incomplete.

A functional medicine evaluation includes an extensive discussion of personal health history and your lifestyle. In our first visit we will create a timeline of your health history.

This package $1500 includes the following:

  • Two Visits —  4 hours of time
    • 120 minute visit with a Functional Medical provider. Health history and timeline created. Physical exam is performed.
    • 120 minute second visit to review testing and then develop your personal treatment plan.
  • State of the art Functional testing:*
    • Aggressive cardiovascular health screen with extended lipoprotein panels and inflammatory markers.
    • Gut/gastrointestinal health. Breath, Stool and Urine collection to assess Gut bacteria.
    • Food sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies.
    • Hormonal panels–including adrenal, thyroid, and sex.
    • Nutritional panels–measurements of all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids.
    • Four body composition measurements.

* Lab copays are an additional cost and may be billed thru insurance. Some exclusions apply depending on insurance carrier. Call for specific details.

It is my hope that any patient pursuing a functional medicine visit be prepared to undergo a heartfelt look at current lifestyle regimens. Progress and improvement in chronic disease states can only be made through honest and committed change in the way we live and interact with our environment.

Out of respect for our those seriously effected by disease please consider whether you are really ready for a new journey. No functional medical approach is appropriate for those seeking a magic pill or bullet for recovery. It is our goal that each and every patient completing the work up has an understanding that change in diet, lifestyle and environment are necessary for life to maintain wellness and health. Be prepared to look inward, work hard, and make change. The journey to recovery, restoration and maintenance may be exhaustive for some.

Additional follow-up appointments with Dr. Alessi or Other Functional Medical provider: 60 minutes – $275, 90 minutes – $400, 120 minutes – $550

The number of necessary follow up visits is dictated by the complexity and intensity of need.

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