in Fort Collins, Colorado

Healthy Aging & Living

People are living a lot longer today than they have historically, and there is a growing awareness of the importance of enhancing these added years for older adults. Expanding not only the years of life (lifespan), but the years of health as well (healthspan). Balanced Well-Being Healthcare is committed to advancing and sharing knowledge about successful aging and lifestyles choices, nutritional choices, activity, and general wellness that can enhance an optimal life for older adults. We offer customized consultations to help you identify and correct nutrient deficiencies, restore your energy levels, deal with hormone imbalances, and enhance your overall vitality using real foods and pure, safe, premium supplements balanced specifically for you and your body. All of our services combine traditional and alternative therapies into a successful integrative approach to health care and overall wellness.

A Natural Path to Total Balance

Integrative medicine is based in part on the premise that your body has within it the ability to correct imbalances and heal on its own given the tools, the resources, and environment. At Balanced Well-Being Healthcare, we combine the best of natural and modern scientific methods to correct imbalances in your body down to the cellular level. Natural methods use resources found in nature to help healing and support better health. Some natural means available include: good nutrition, botanical medicines, body/mind therapies, quality sleep, vitamins, supplements, and minerals. A truly integrative approach must recognize that the health of your body, your spirit, your mind, and your environment combine together and constitute your overall wellness.

Patient-Driven Services for Real Results

Integrative medicine is a patient-driven process, as opposed to a practitioner-driven process which typically involves a perpetual search for the magic cure-all pill. While the latter might be good for pharmaceutical companies, it might not be the best option available for you and your specific needs. At Balanced Well-Being Healthcare, we encourage you as the patient to take responsibility for your health and to take a proactive stance toward being healthier, and become well-educated and informed about your health choices. We endeavor to facilitate your proactive stance with the latest medical knowledge, through testing, and evaluation, and compassionate and consistent care. We encourage you to rethink established beliefs and take real action towards a lifestyle that supports your total wellness.

The atmosphere of our Fort Collins based clinic fully supports these concepts of integrative healthcare. We have developed custom tailored healthcare plans and programs to help our patients along the path to reclaiming their total health through nutrition and lifestyle counseling. The core of our services are based on the knowledge that we can help you restore your body’s natural balance and reawaken your body, mind, and spirit’s natural healing mechanisms.

Depending on your needs, you can enroll in one or more of our healthy aging programs in which you work directly with our team on an individual session basis. Your initial consultation will help us to determine the best path to wellness within your specific circumstances and condition. At Balanced Well-Being Healthcare, we bring your health into a perfect balance! Please call us today to schedule your first appointment!