in Fort Collins, Colorado

Adult Health Screening

Do you think you are healthy?  Do you want to know more about preventive health and medicine? This package is designed for those looking to get some insight on what they can do to maintain optimal health!
This is our most popular package because most “unwellness” begins silently without symptoms. It begins with unhealthy eating, high stress, weight gain, poor sleep, medication overload, and much more. These stressors, PLUS the daily load of environmental toxins that we are challenged with create inflammation, cholesterol imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. This is the beginning of chronic disease development.
Over the last 4 years we have screened over 1,000 patients.  More than 75% had suboptimal Vitamin D levels, 75% had blood sugar imbalance, 50% had B vitamin deficiencies, and 50% had increased risk of heart disease. We found 5% with gluten intolerance and celiac disease.  We found 5% with autoimmune thyroid disease.  The scary thing is that most of these patients had no symptoms.
 Treat yourself to advanced health screening, and know your chronic disease risk.

Cost: $159

Included in Health Screening Package:

  • One 90 minute visit with the Nutritionist to review lab work and create a personalized diet and lifestyle plan
  • One body composition measurement

Lab work:

  • Aggressive cardiovascular risk screening: extended lipid panels looking at LDL particle numbers and size, oxidated stress markers
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Genetic markers
  • Vitamin D, B12, Folate, Omega 3
  • Complete hormonal evaluation: extensive thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone and insulin

This is NOT a functional medical visit. This visit is specifically designed to meet the demand of anyone seeking disease prevention. This visit will NOT incorporate acute care complaints, but rather is focused on long-term disease prevention. Additional visits may be recommended depending on results but are not included in the package cost.

* Labs will be billed thru insurance. Some exclusions apply depending on insurance carrier. Call for specific details.