What Does A Nutritional Visit Entail?


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We are all used to going to the doctor for yearly checkups and exams, but there is one medicinal visit that most aren’t as accustomed to: a nutritional visit. Nutritional visits can range from comprehensive weight loss programs to young adult nutritional screenings and adult health screenings, and these visits focus on helping children and adults achieve optimal health through specialized treatments and programs. Find out what is offered in a nutritional visit and how it can help you achieve and maintain improved health with this guide!


What To Expect During A Nutritional Visit

Each of us has been to the doctor for one reason or another, whether we were sick or needed an immunization update. However, there is more than just one type of doctor visit that you can schedule with your medical provider, and one of the most helpful but least known visits is a nutritional visit. A nutritional visit focuses on YOU, and everything about you. By focusing on your diet and lifestyle, a nutritional visit seeks to understand how you tick, why you feel the way you do and what can be done to improve your nutrition and overall way of life. These visits create an individualized plan for your health that will help you manage a specific medical condition, complete a diet overhaul, get advice for healthy food choices and become inspired to live a healthier life. Testing is a vital part of a nutritional visit as they seek to understand how your body is functioning now so that your personalized plan can be effective and accurate for your needs. This process often includes testing for food sensitivities and allergies, gluten sensitivities and celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune diseases and weight management. Your diet and lifestyle affect the frequency and intensity of all of these medical conditions, and a nutritional visit can help you feel better and be healthier after treatment.


Nutrition Packages Available To You

Your nutritional visit will vary depending on your wants, needs and opinions of your doctor. Most nutritional visits focus on three main areas: young adult nutritional screenings, adult health screening and comprehensive weight loss programs. A young adult nutritional screening is for teenagers aged 14 through 23 and focuses on screening for cardio-metabolic and nutritional imbalances. These visits are essential to combat Type 2 diabetes in youth, prevent coronary artery disease and jump-start athletes’ nutritional support so that their bodies can perform properly. A young adult nutritional screening includes two visits with the nutritionist to complete lab work and create a personalized plan for your child’s health. Two body composition measurements will be taken and lab work for lipid levels, inflammatory markers, genetic markers and overall vitamin and mineral levels will be completed. For older adults, an adult health screening is available to help patients attain optimal health through preventative treatment that focuses on poor sleep habits, unhealthy eating, stress and extreme medication consumption. An adult health screening includes one visit with the nutritionist for one body composition measurement and lab work that tests cardiovascular health, hormone levels, inflammatory markers and Vitamin D, B12, Omega 3 and Folate levels.


Lastly, a popular nutritional visit that you can opt for is a comprehensive weight loss program. These programs are individualized to your needs and focus on identifying underlying medical conditions, nutrition imbalances, meal planning guide, meal replacement shakes and a nutritionist for six visits that will guide you towards a healthier weight and a happier life. Treatment typically lasts for three months and includes in-depth blood tests and occasional supplementation to help your body get back on track.


Tips For Maintaining Optimal Health

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A big part of a nutritional visit is weight management through diet, and your diet should consist of a variety of foods that include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and protein. Additionally, you should be watching what kind and how much fat is in the food that you eat. Total and saturated fats that come from animal products should be eaten sparingly while trans fat (baked goods, pizza, cakes, cookies, fried food, etc.) should be avoided entirely. Unsaturated fats that come from fish should be eaten 2-3 times per week, and when you can, cook by boiling, steaming or baking rather than frying. When shopping, look at the nutrition labels on the backside of your food and try to choose those foods that are low in salt. A high salt diet leads to high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues, so try to decrease the amount of sodium you put into your food and look to spices to add more flavor instead. Another healthy habit that you should be practicing is portion control. Only cook the amount of food that you need to prevent overeating, use smaller plates to control portion size and avoid skipping meals by snacking on healthy foods like carrot sticks, yogurt or unsalted nuts. Don’t forget that physical activity is a huge part of staying fit and healthy, so make sure that you’re getting at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity to reach your goals. Being physically active burns off extra calories, keeps your heart and circulatory systems in good health and helps you focus easier. While it may seem difficult at first, you can stay physically active by choosing the stairs rather than the elevator, scheduling weekend family activities and taking a walk during your lunch break.


Get Back In Shape With A Nutritional Visit!

At Balanced Well-Being Healthcare, we care about you and your family’s overall health. Whether your child needs a young adult health screening or you want to lose a few extra pounds, a nutritional visit can help you achieve your goals. Call our office at (970) 631-8286 to schedule a consultation. Now is the time to get in the best shape of your life, so call today to schedule a nutritional visit!