Ways to Extend your Lifespan AND your Healthspan


At Balanced Well-Being Healthcare, we labor to not only expand your years of life (lifespan), but your years of health as well (healthspan). Balanced Well-Being Healthcare is committed to advancing and sharing knowledge about successful aging and lifestyles choices, nutritional choices, activity, and general wellness that can enhance an optimal life for older adults.

We offer customized consultations to help you identify and correct nutrient deficiencies, restore your energy levels, deal with hormone imbalances, and enhance your overall vitality using real foods and pure, safe, premium supplements balanced specifically for you and your body. All of our services combine traditional and alternative therapies into a successful integrative approach to health care and overall wellness.

Understanding Healthspan

Healthspan is a term to describe the period of your life that you are healthy or free from disease. Healthspan is important because it affects the quality of your lifespan as much as the longevity of it.

“While there are good biomarkers for a few of the serious diseases like heart disease, e.g., cholesterol levels, there aren’t good biomarkers for other leading causes of death, such as most cancers,” writes the Institute of Public Health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a tool to help measure a healthy life expectancy or (HALE).  “A simple way to approximate HALE is to figure out the average age of the first occurrence of each of the most common serious diseases, determine their incidences, and then take the average of those two numbers,” the Institute of Public Health said. “This means that we, on average, live up to 20% of our lives unhealthy. Needless to say, that is a long time.”

Life Expectancy in America

Being alive is much more than finding a heartbeat; healthy living is where vitality gives freedoms that give joy and meaning to life. While working to lengthen your lifespan is a worthy goal, it is important that those lengthened years are healthy years.

“According to data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the life expectancy for a baby born in 2016 fell to 78.6 years,” reports Fortune Magazine.

“the top ten leading causes of death have remained the same since 2015. They include: heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide.”

You can improve the quality and length of your healthspan by focusing your efforts on preventive, provident living now–we can help.

Establish Your Baseline

One of the best ways to lengthen your healthspan is to first establish how healthy you are now and then work from there.

One of the tools that we use to establish this baseline at Balanced Well-Being Healthcare is our Adult Health Screening.

During our screening process over the last four years, out of 1,000 patients, more than 75% had suboptimal Vitamin D levels, 75% had blood sugar imbalance, 50% had B vitamin deficiencies, and 50% had increased risk of heart disease.

5% suffered gluten intolerance and celiac disease and 5% had autoimmune thyroid disease–most of these patients had NO symptoms.

Call for a Consultation

A long healthspan is a product of your proactive choices now.  We can help you discover your biomarkers for unwellness with an in-office health screening. Call  970-631-8286 and discover how healthy you are on a biochemical, molecular level. Learn strategies and tips to balance your body physically, mentally and emotionally so you can have what you need for total body wellness.