Prioritize Your Health This Valentine’s Day with an Adult Health Screening

adult health screening

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all kinds of love – from romantic love, to friendships, and even self-love. This Valentine’s Day, Balanced Well-Being Healthcare encourages you to celebrate loving yourself and put your health first. Whether it’s taking a little “me time” for yourself, buying yourself flowers, or treating yourself to an adult health screening with us, make sure you’re showing yourself some love and care this Valentine’s Day. 

What’s an Adult Health Screening? 

An adult health screening is designed to help you get insight on what you can do to maintain optimal health – which is why it’s a perfect form of self-love. Stressors like unhealthy eating, high stress, weight gain, lack of sleep, and more plus the environmental toxins we are around can contribute to all kinds of imbalances. These imbalances can lead to the development of chronic diseases if you’re not caring for yourself and taking action. Oftentimes, you don’t have symptoms telling you that you are battling deficiencies and more. 

Over the last four years, Balanced Well-Being Healthcare has screened over 1,000 patients and found:

  • More than 75% had suboptimal vitamin D levels
  • 75% had blood sugar imbalance 
  • 50% had B vitamin deficiencies 
  • 50% had increased risk of heart disease 
  • 5% had gluten intolerance and celiac disease 
  • 5% had autoimmune thyroid disease

What else did we find? That most of these patients had no symptoms telling them something was wrong. When you get an advanced health screening, you’ll better know your body and your risk for chronic disease.

For Valentine’s Day, treat yourself by putting your health first. With an advanced health screening, you’ll be able to know your risk of future disease while finding out about any problems you could be currently suffering from. 

How Deficiencies Can Impact Your Health

Vitamin D Deficiencies 

Vitamin D is what helps your body absorb calcium and has role in your nervous, muscle, and immune systems, according to MedlinePlus. When you’re deficient in vitamin D, it means you don’t get enough of it through your diet or sunlight. This deficiency also has the ability to lead to loss of bone density. This ends up causing issues like fractures, osteoporosis, and other diseases. 

Blood Sugar Imbalance

A blood sugar imbalance can result in you feeling tired, struggling to wake up each morning, being irritable, moody, forgetful, or having frequent headaches. Blood sugar imbalance can also result in you carrying extra stomach fat, craving bread and sweet treats, and feeling drowsy or weak. 

B Vitamin Deficiencies 

There are different types of vitamin B that do various things and come from a variety of food sources. B-12 is found in meat and dairy, while B-7 and B-9 can be found in fruits and veggies. B vitamins play a role in maintaining cell health and keep your body energized. When you have low B vitamin levels, you can suffer from fatigue, confusion, or even a compromised immune system, says Healthline

What’s Included in a Health Screening?

When you come in for a health screening, you’ll have lab work done. The lab work will look entail: 

  • Advanced cardiovascular risk screening: we will do extended lipid panels looking at LDL particle numbers and size, as well as oxidized stress markers. 
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Genetic markers 
  • Vitamin D, B12, Folate, and Omega 3 levels
  • Thorough hormonal evaluation: we will look at extensive thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone, and insulin 

Once you complete the lab work, you will then have a 90 minute visit with our nutritionist to review lab work and create an individualized diet and lifestyle plan. You will be offered step-by-step solutions to your conditions that will help you reach your ultimate health again. 

Functional Medical Visit vs. Adult Health Screening

Adult health screenings are to meet the demand of those who seek disease prevention. These screenings are focused on long-term disease prevention. This is the start of making sure you’re really carrying for your body and health. Trust us, your future self will thank you for it. 

A functional medicine visit is a comprehensive evaluation of antecedents, triggers, and mediators of disease. Functional medicine looks at individual and unique genomic makeup and all outside influences that can be playing a role in disease development. If you come to a functional medicine visit, you’ll have an extensive discussion with us on your health history and current lifestyle. We will create a timeline of your health history and move forward from there. 

Take Care of Yourself With Balanced Well-Being Healthcare

We know that the warning signs of unwellness can be silent, that’s why we believe that an adult health screening is an important step in helping you achieve complete wellness. If you have any of these biomarkers of illness, we’ll walk you through every step of the way. Call us to schedule your adult health screening now: (970)-631-8286. Happy Valentine’s Day!