Prevent Disease with a Biomarker Health Screening Today


When it comes to getting a picture of your overall health, you want a detailed schematic, not a impressionist-era sketch. Want to know, at a molecular level, just how healthy you are? Biomarkers give you that precise data so you can know–not guess–at how healthy you are.  

Understanding the Role of Biomarkers

Advancement in health technologies have allowed researchers to create ultra-sensitive assays for detection of blood biomarkers with 1000X more precision. This data empowers scientists to mark and measure complex biological and pathological mechanisms, to craft responsive drug treatment for optimum health.

“To better understand physiological and pathophysiological processes, identify potential therapeutic targets, and develop more sensitive outcome measures, biomarkers are being used increasingly in studies of aging. The use of these markers have many potential benefits for improving the health of older adults, says the National Institute of Health.  

Medical Uses of Biomarkers

Personalized medical care is what we are all about and it is achieved through the use of biomarkers.  Examining biomarkers can determine your outcomes from certain treatment options along with identifying your risks for developing certain medical conditions.

Inflammation and How It Starts

Much of health is tied to how well you are taking care of yourself. What is your diet like? Are you under constant stress? Are you suffering from poor sleep, weight gain, or falling victim to medication overload? All of these factors can trigger unhealthy inflammation, cholesterol imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies.

The Power of the Biomarker Health Screening

Patients of Balanced Well-Being Healthcare in Fort Collins, Colorado, can benefit from our Biomarker Health Screening. Preventative biomarkers evaluate the risk of a person getting a particular disease.  What will your health screening include? To prescribe the best treatment, we first need to get your data. We collect the following information about you through targeted lab work including:

  • Aggressive cardiovascular risk screening: extended lipid panels looking at LDL particle numbers and size, oxidated stress markers
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Genetic markers
  • Vitamin D, B12, Folate, Omega 3
  • Complete hormonal evaluation: extensive thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone and insulin

In tandem with your lab work, you will undergo a body composition measurement to better assess your current health and to make goals.

Our in-house nutritionist will analyze all the data and meet with you for a 90-minute consultation where you both will create a personalized plan for success that works for you and is backed by actual data–your data–ensuring that you can get the results YOU need.

Biomarkers for Weight Loss

New research reveals two biomarkers that can help you find success with diet and weight loss. “A new study has uncovered two biomarkers that could predict how effective certain diets will be for weight loss, particularly for people prediabetes or diabetes, researchers report on The study followed 1,200 adults, focusing on the participant’s fasting blood glucose and insulin levels to give doctors what they need to better assist patients. Personalized nutrition is what biomarkers offer and many are saying, “it’s about time!”

Tracking Your Trends

Enlisting the help of a professional with biomarker experience can help you identify trends that impact your day-to-day vitality. Since blood regenerates every 120 days, changes the occur from diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes can be tracked over time so you can know what is working for you and what is working against you.  

Our mission is to empower our patients with the knowledge they need for success. Once you know your numbers, you can make decisions to see improvement. Your ability to correlate your actions with your results will give you the confidence you need to keep on going!

Why Choose Balanced Well-Being Healthcare?

Our integrated-medicine approach to treatment supports the patient-doctor relationship so you can more efficiently and effectively improve your health, for the long-term. By endowing our patients with the tools to heal, they can continue their treatment outside the confines of our office setting. Good health is not a destination but an ongoing journey that we embark on together.

Don’t wait another minute to feel better and be better. Schedule your biomarker health screening today by calling 970-631-8286 and discover how healthy you are on a biochemical, molecular level. Learn strategies and tips to balance your body physically, mentally and emotionally so you can have what you need for total body wellness.