Introducing Alessi Pure Skincare

Alessi Pure Skincare

Introducing Alessi Pure Skincare by Dr. Grace Alessi, now available at Balanced Well-Being Healthcare (Visit the Alessi Pure Skincare online store here).

Alessi Pure Skincare is medically based (based on current medical science and studies that prove that certain ingredients, commonly referred to as “actives” – work.) The Alessi Pure difference is that Alessi Pure products contain NO harmful preservatives or ingredients.

Most “natural products” are derived from plants and oils, but the “actives” are in such a low concentration that they are insignificant. Additionally, many of these “natural products” contain preservatives that are either known to be harmful to humans or haven’t been in use long enough to determine if they are harmful.

Alessi Pure marries two concepts: the concept of scientifically studied actives and the concept of providing those actives in a clean and safe delivery essential oils as a preservative.

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