Why Everyone Needs a Functional Medicine Overhaul!

Just because you feel you are symptom free doesn’t mean you are free from the risk of chronic disease. Unwellness begins silently without symptoms. It begins with unhealthy eating, high stress, weight gain, poor sleep, lack of movement, medication overload, and much more. These stressors, PLUS the daily load of environmental toxins that we are challenged with create inflammation, cholesterol imbalances, blood sugar imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. This is the beginning of chronic disease development.

Current medical practice is mainly focused on seeking a diagnosis from signs and symptoms that a patient presents with. A disease is diagnosed, which then commonly leads to a prescription. The current trend of “diagnosis, pill, diagnosis, pill” is repeated. Side effects from prescription medications are experienced by the majority of patients who take them. Though symptoms may be temporarily reduced by the drugs prescribed, the root cause has not been treated. Often new symptoms arise as the body attempts to adjust to the “new” environment created by the drug.

Symptoms or Not, Functional Medicine is for Everyone

Functional Medicine Tree InfographicFunctional medicine however, seeks to shift this pattern away from “disease, diagnosis” and look for underlying imbalances that may contribute to the development of illness. Whether you feel you have symptoms or not, functional medicine can fit the bill for both chronic disease management and prevention. Functional medicine takes into account our individual and unique genetic makeup and understands that all outside influences in our environment may play a role in disease development.

Functional medicine tools help evaluate the link between all physiologic functions and seeks to restore maximum function to the body systems. Respecting that each body system is dependent on the other, functional medicine also understands that body systems do not exist separately. Functional medicine corrects core imbalances, restores optimal function and aids in the management of chronic disease. By identifying imbalances prior to the onset of symptoms, functional medicine is also suited for prevention and early assessment of disease.The ultimate goal is to eliminate the processes by which disease or imbalance develop in the first place so that underlying physiologic and biochemical imbalances are restored and the development of disease is terminated.

There is not a single person who functional medicine cannot benefit!

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