DANGERS OF CELL PHONE USE. Protect Yourself and Your Family!

While manufacturers of cell phone and similar devices  would like us to believe that there are no negative impacts on our health from chronic cell phone use, recent studies and case  reports are very convincing that this may not be the case .

In 2011 The World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the electromagnetic  radiation from cell phones as possible carcinogenic to humans based on increased for a malignant brain tumor associated with use of mobile phones.

People who use cell phones for more than 30 minutes per day for 10 years have a doubled or higher risk of brain cancer. Teenagers who use cell phones have 4-5 times the risk of developing brain cancer in less than 10 years.

Other countries–France, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Israel and others have all issued warnings to the public  with specific recommendations to limit use and reduce exposures.

WHY are we always the last to know in the US??

Cell phones emit pulse microwave radiation.  The impact of any form of radiation depends on signal properties–frequency, amplitude, pulse , intensity, polarity and information content.

Erratic, inconstant changes in signal intensity can provide different informational content to cells and tissues. This is exactly the situation when we talk on cell phones,especially when moving. We get erratic signal intensity delivered to the site where the cell phone is held.  Exposure to any form of electromagnetic energy may alter calcium homeostasis in cell membranes, weakening the membranes.

It has been well studied that cell phones held up to the ear alters glucose (sugar) metabolism in the brain. After 50 minutes of holding a cell phone on or next to the ear, brain metabolism of glucose is altered.  The longterm impact of this is still unknown.

A number of studies, however, have shown that cell phone use increases cancer risk

Men who use cell phones 2-4 hours a day have 30% lower sperm counts than non users; daily use over 4 hours results in 40% lower sperm count.  Not only are sperm counts lower, but studies have shown that microwave radiation can damage sperm

The impact of non ionizing radiation varies with HOST conditions–cell types, age, tissue exposed, signal characteristics, intracellular signaling.

Tissue vulnerability to any toxic insult depends on the rate of cell proliferation.

Therefore, younger faster growing cells are more vulnerable–such as neuronal cells (from the brain and nervous system) and  spermatocytes in the testes.

Research is ongoing looking at dangers and ways to reduce or limit risk.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Use the speakerphone
  • Use earpieces
  • Do NOT keep phone on the body or in a pocket
  • Protect the abdomen-pregnant women, adolescent children  and men wishing to become fathers
  • Do not text or talk while moving, driving, biking.
  • Do not sleep with the cell phone
  • Do not expose unborn children to cell phones through a pregnant abdomen–Do not buy apps for unborn children.
  • Beware of weak signals. The phone may emit more radiation to you when the signal is weak.  Turn phone to airplane mode or off when not is use.
  • LIMIT USE in Children, they have faster growing more sensitive cells.