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Sleep Apnea Testing

More than 40 million Americans are estimated to suffer from a sleep breathing disorder, and 20 million suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Most are not diagnosed, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Diagnosing sleep problems no longer has to be uncomfortable, inconvenient, or costly, thanks to ARES™, a state-of-the-art wireless device for in-home sleep testing.

Benefits of the ARES™ home sleep test:

  • Significantly lower cost than an in-lab sleep study
  • Increased comfort: you sleep in your own bed without cords or wires
  • Improved health with results and therapy options, all in less than a week

To see if you are a candidate for home sleep testing, please print fill out our ARES™ questionnaire (pdf).


Download and complete our ARES™ Sleep Apnea question form at this link

How does ARES™ Work?

The ARES™ includes:

  1. an easily self-applied device to record physiological signals during sleep in the home environment (ARES Unicorder).
  2. a validated medical questionnaire (ARES Questionnaire)
  3. expert software to prepare the Unicorder for use (ARES Manager) and to analyze the ARES Sleep Apnea Study Data (ARES Insight).

The first step in an ARES Sleep Apnea Study is for the patient to fill out the ARES Questionnaire. The questionnaire responses will result in an overall Obstructive Sleep Apnea risk level of No Risk, Low Risk, or High Risk. Based on the ARES Questionnaire risk level and the recommendation our Doctor provides, you may be advised to complete an ARES Sleep Apnea Study for two nights in your home using the ARES Unicorder. The ARES Insight software analyzes the data acquired by the Unicorder and ARES Questionnaire responses and generates an ARES Sleep Apnea Study report.

Once Balanced Well-Being Healthcare has the results of your testing, a treatment plan can be compiled based on your specific situation.

For more answers to your questions, feel free to contact us directly via our web form, visit our Sleep Apnea information page, or call us on the phone today at 970.631.8286